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Survey Results and Last Chance to Contribute

Many thanks to the seven people who shared their thoughts about the direction of this newspaper. While that may not seem like a lot of people to base a decision on, it's a pretty good percentage of the 41 subscribers we currently have. I'm especially thankful for the insightful comments that accom...

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Date: Wednesday 19th of April 3:39 PM

Is the Newspaper Getting Too Long?

The CSFR is for readers of speculative fiction. However, many of those in our community are also writers of specfic. So we've included sections of the newspaper that are of interest to writers: "Publishing" (news and tips related to writing and publishing), "Curiosities" (interesting facts tha...

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Date: Thursday 13th of April 5:19 PM

Calling All #SpecFic Fans

We are here for YOU. And we need you to find the Others. Others like us.

The Christian #SpecFic Reader exists to serve Christians who enjoy speculative fiction (scifi, fantasy, etc). With the help of the Internet, we've discovered that "we are not alone" in our interests. While we may be the 1%...

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Date: Wednesday 8th of March 1:25 PM

New "Curiosities" Section of the CSFR

We've started including articles about interesting places, intriguing scientific facts and strange-but-true stories. Our readers are authors as well as fans of speculative fiction, and these stories are great seeds for settings or plot twists. The wonders of our own planet and its history can be as...

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Date: Wednesday 25th of January 7:45 AM

New Year, New Features on ChristianSpecFic.com

CSFR adds new features

When I launched ChristianSpecFic.com last November, my goal was to gather in one place the author blogs, articles, online fiction and other news of interest to the greater Realm Makers community*.

After a year of watching the stream of content generated by these wonderful folks, I began to dr...

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Date: Tuesday 3rd of January 9:33 AM