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Teddi Deppner

The Christian #SpecFic Reader (CSFR) was founded in 2015 and is run by Teddi Deppner. She is passionate about connecting Christians who share a love for speculative fiction*, and brings more than 20 years of writing, illustrating and Internet expertise to her varied web publishing projects**.

The CSFR exists to:

  • Collect in one place and publish weekly the articles produced by Christians who write speculative fiction
  • Demonstrate to Christians who enjoy #specfic that they are not alone
  • Showcase books, films, art and TV shows of interest to fans of speculative fiction
  • Celebrate the various #specfic fandoms
  • Facilitate discussion among Christians about the intersection of the Christian faith and #specfic entertainment
  • Promote understanding between Christian #specfic fans and the Church
  • Equip pastors to engage with the ever-increasing cultural impact of #specfic

Currently, the CSFR newspaper is powered by Paper.li, an online service that allows us to collect articles from all over and present it as one publication (each story links directly to its original source, so the content is not copied or taken from the original creator). Take a peek at our list of content contributors.

The site is made possible by donations from interested parties. If you think this is a neat website and like what we’re doing, please consider dropping a few dollars in our donation jar!

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* Speculative fiction includes all the various flavors of the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. Terms used interchangeably on this site include “speculative fiction”, “spec fic” and “#specfic”.

** See also WhatIsSpecFic.com and SpecFicCollective.com.