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Is the Newspaper Getting Too Long?

The CSFR is for readers of speculative fiction. However, many of those in our community are also writers of specfic. So we've included sections of the newspaper that are of interest to writers: "Publishing" (news and tips related to writing and publishing), "Curiosities" (interesting facts that writers might find inspiring or useful), and "Community" (journal entries from our community, often revolving around writing efforts).

As our curation efforts have expanded, however, the number of articles in each weekly edition have grown. Last week's paper had 54 articles. This growth was expected, and it's time to consider some growth-related options.

Maybe It's Time for Two

Here are the questions on my mind as I move forward:

  • Should we continue with the current volume of articles? Or is it becoming too much for a reader to scan through once a week?

  • Should we split the newspaper into two papers: one for readers and one for writers?

  • The CSFR is a volunteer effort to benefit our entire community. It costs $99/year for one Paper.li newspaper with the features we currently have, and though there's a donation button, I've had less than six small donations (being generous here, I only remember one or two). So what are some ways to fund the two papers if I expand?

What's the Point of the Paper, Anyway?

Remember, our goal is to create an online resource on the topic of speculative fiction that will attract Christian readers who like specfic. These readers can then discover the books of Christians who are writing specfic, as well as engaging with our community of Christians who enjoy discussing the intersection of faith and specfic entertainment.

That's why I'm considering two papers: So that one of them can be laser-focused on attracting readers, not writers. And secondarily so we can keep a newspaper focused on publishing, because our writing community is amazing and when we share our journeys and resources, we are stronger.

This is a long-term strategy. As we fine-tune the CSFR, I'm also putting together outreach packets targeting different reader and influencer groups (teachers, pastors, parents, book reviewers, book clubs, etc). Once those are ready, we'll be promoting this resource to those groups. I also hope to put together promotional resources that we can each use on social media to draw more readers to the paper (and thus, to our authors and their books).

This Can Be a Win-Win-Win (You, Me, and Our Readers)

As more people discover our authors and their books, as more people realize that there are talented Christian writers creating quality written entertainment, everyone wins. The new world of publishing has opened the floodgates, and truly the book markets are saturated. But readers are still looking for that perfect match: the writers who are putting out books they can love who also share their worldview and values. The problem is FINDING THEM.

That's why this newspaper exists. That's why I need your help to refine how we present this resource.

Take the Survey, Please!

You can help me decide by taking this 3-question survey. Thank you for your time, friends!