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New Year, New Features on ChristianSpecFic.com

CSFR adds new features

When I launched ChristianSpecFic.com last November, my goal was to gather in one place the author blogs, articles, online fiction and other news of interest to the greater Realm Makers community*.

After a year of watching the stream of content generated by these wonderful folks, I began to dream of spreading the word about this newspaper and reaching Christian #specfic fans who have never heard of us. As I scoured the Net for fun memes to share and articles to enhance each weekly edition, I also began to realize how much fantastic content is out there. One curator is a start, but we could provide even better coverage with more participation.

So let's take this to the next level, shall we?

You Can Submit Content for the Newspaper

There are two ways you can now submit content:

  1. If you have a blog that regularly discusses speculative fiction topics or represents you as an author, you can ask us to include your RSS feed so all new posts can be considered for inclusion in the weekly paper.

  2. If you come across a cool article, video, or meme that you'd like to share with the #specfic community, you can submit that individual item.

There's a link to our Content Submission Form in the header of the paper now. Use it any time you have something to share!

You Can Spread the Word

Go to the home page and share it on your social media profiles (there are share buttons on the left). Tell your friends about it. In the next few months, I'll be adding some shareable graphics for promoting the site to various target audiences. Your participation in spreading the word about our Christian speculation fiction community makes a huge difference!

* If you haven't heard of Realm Makers, it is the premier speculative fiction writing conference for people of faith. It has been held in Philadelphia, PA, and St. Louis, MO, and in 2017 will celebrate its fifth anniversary in Reno, NV. An ever-growing network of Christian authors and fans surround this annual event, and although CSFR was spawned out of this community, my hope is to reach Christian fans of #specfic all over the world.

Date: Tuesday 3rd of January 9:33 AM