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How to Embed CSFR Headlines on Your Website

One way to support our CSF community (your fellow Christian #specfic authors and fans), is to embed headlines from our newspaper on your website (for example, in the sidebar of your blog).

Using a Wordpress RSS Widget

The easiest way is to go to your website's Wordpress Dashboard and under Appearance > Widgets you can add an RSS widget to your sidebar or footer (or wherever you want it to be).

The RSS feed URL to use (copy and paste it): http://christianspecfic.com/~api/papers/17a613a7-25a0-4f57-b9a2-88d334840600/rss

Using Paper.li's Embed Script

Here's the basic code (to be copied and pasted into a text widget in a Wordpress blog, for example):

<style> .sr-paper-widget .sr-ft { display: none; } .sr-art-txt { margin-top:12px; } .sr-ft-lbl {margin-bottom: 1em; } </style> <script src="http://widgets.paper.li/javascripts/init.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script>Paperli.PaperWidget.Show({pid: '17a613a7-25a0-4f57-b9a2-88d334840600', width: 200, background: '#FB0000', text: {content: 'Current Issue', readIt: 'Read it now!', footer: 'Updated weekly'}})</script>

Here's how it will look:

The default width is 200 pixels. You can adjust this to fit your site by editing that number.

The default background color is red, but you can adjust that, too. Here's a Color Picker tool to find the hex code for the color you like (replace #FB0000 with the hex code for the color you want).

Further customizations can be made using the instructions provided by Paper.li.